We buy rare world coin, numismatic items, war medals,
collectible items, rare bank note, ancient world coin,silver items,
gold items,autogragh,cut diamond etc

Anchor Coins is a privately owned organisation established in 2002 and later registered
Under the law of the Democratic Republic of South Africa in 2008 (Gauteng).
Anchor Coins combines both buying and evaluation of coins in proxy, physical view or via Online photograph for estimation and value of items.

We specialize in purchasing numismatic Items, Diamonds (certified), War Medals, Autographs, Rare Bank Notes, Silver items and scrap silver Gold items and scrap jewelleries etc And should anyone want to know about coins value, for more than 8 years Africa as a continent have turned to Anchor Coins for expository of the value of their (treasure) items.

Majority of the African continent take advantage of Anchor Coins evaluation to inquire knowledge and understanding to value coins in the continent via the telephone as well as on the internet. We are a new generation independent source of information about all aspects of collecting and evaluation of coins.